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Created on: 10/28/09 06:12 PM Views: 2271 Replies: 2
Pappy's etc.
Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2009 01:12 PM

Won a twist contest at the Bronco Bowl.  Can't remember the restaurant that was just down the street, but went there to eat after Bronco one evening and Johnnie Crawford was there.  He was a short one!

Not to be out done by Kathleen, here's a photo that just might contain one of our classmate's parents as it was taken in 1947 at Pappy's.

'Course Jerry was probably trying to sneak in there in the mid 50's when Candy Barr was performing.

When Oak Cliff went dry, Pappy's moved.  Don't know if this is the new site or old.


Candy Barr would go on to dance for a nightclub owner named Jack Ruby.

I was scheduled to go to this house on a Saturday to meet a couple who was renting from a guy my mom was dating.  The guy drove a Citroen.  I told him I thought the car was weird.  He said, "Not as weird as my renters you'll meet Saturday."  The renters were a former Marine and his Russian wife.

It was November and the guy's name was Lee.

I's scary how many ways the assassination crossed through my life.  In 2002, a friend I'd known for years decided to show me his special ID card.  He was the head steward on Air Force One that day.  I could give an hour long lecture on all the threads of that event that were woven through my life.

I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous!

RE: Pappy's etc.
Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2009 01:41 PM

One of my first jobs was for a small company behind Day & Night Transmissions on Ft. Worth Ave.  It was across the street from Semo's Restaurant and I think near where Pappy's Showland had been. 

Re: the Kennedy assassination, when I lived in Quinlan near Lake Tawakoni, I met Truman Walker, who was the police officer who put the cuffs on Oswald.  He retired to Quinlan in the 1980s.

Jerry, I remember that party - I wanted to be Auntie Mame.  Although I didn't marry a millionaire, I am known to my nieces and great nieces and nephews as COAK! (Crazy Old Aunt Kathleen).

Anyone remember Rockyfellers Hamburgers on Jefferson?  Robbin always swore they were the best burgers he ever ate.  I'd love to find a picture of that.

RE: Pappy's etc.
Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2009 02:06 PM


Wow! I, too have a few connections with the Kennedy assassination.I lived near the intersection of Bryan and Swiss--just two houses out of the historical district--the story of my life.

Nearby there was a large two-story house which was vacant. The previous owner had sold it to a doctor who later would buy our house and a few others and proceed to put a large apartment complex on it; however, in the interim, the doctor rented it out to some strange people.

We just didn't really realize at the time how strange. It turned out to be a bunch of guys from Mississipi and Alabama--judging by their out-of-state plates. They put up a big sign over theirfront door that said "Move of God". Shortly thereafter they began to have what seemed like holiness-style religious ceremonies there--loud shouting and singing and from time to timethey would come out and parade down the street in a sort of dance. We began to pay more attention to them after that. At times there would be a dozen or more cars there--a lot of younger guys were staying there at night. Their garbage contained huge empty jars of peanutbutter and empty cracker boxes. A couple of the cars had parking stickers from Arlington State College.Neighbors complained to the police and the sign came down and the dancing parades through the neighborhood ceased, but the cars and the men stayed. The morning of the assassination there were hundreds and hundreds of copies of the "Wanted for Treason" posters strewn across the lawn and driveway of the house. That night, the whatever it was vanished--all of the guys and the cars were gone--never to be seen again. The house was vacant without a stick of furniture in it. Later it was discovered that the "Wanted for Treason--John Kennedy" handbills were printed at the Arlingon State print shop. We thought it was a little more than a coincidence, and later, when the conspiracy theories started coming out, the circumstances which I have just described seemed to lend credence to the theory that a group of Southerners had been in on the conspiracy.

I think that police investigators questioned some people in our neighborhood, but since no one had thought to write down actual license plate numbers, I guess there wasn't much the authorities could do. To my knowledge, they never dusted the house for prints, etc. My mother was convinced to her dying day that those guys had "something" to do with John Kennedy's assassination. It was pretty weird.