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Talk about your siblings

Created on: 02/03/11 05:56 AM Views: 1866 Replies: 1
Talk about your siblings
Posted Thursday, February 3, 2011 12:56 AM

Did you know our clasmates' brothers and sisters?  Or how many (if any) brothers and sisters each had?  I have been surprised to find out how many I didn't know about.  Suzanne Murphy is the oldest of, I think, 6 children, and I didn't know that when we were in school.  I have an older sister, Elise (we call her Cookie) who was in the same class as Martha Siar's, Margaret Hopp's, Susan Baskins's sisters.  I know that Ronnie Anderson and Robert Downs have older brothers because they were  my neighbors.  Elaine Blackburn had an older brother and an older sister, but I think she is the baby.  My younger brother Bill was in the same class as Steve Ferguson's younger sister and Don Cranford's younger sister.  But there are so many more.   

So I'll start:  I have a sister (Cookie/ Elise) who was born in 1944 and a brother born in 1950.  I'm the middle child.  (John, maybe this should be in the profiles).

RE: Talk about your siblings
Posted Saturday, June 11, 2011 02:33 PM

 I am an only child, but very close to my cousins. I'm the youngest cousin of my generation, so sort of the baby of the extended family. I'd guess that Danny Foley had the most siblings. For a long time Howard and his brother James were the only children of the Conine family, then--surprise!! two younger sisters about 13 years ??? younger than Howard. How about everybody else?